Wednesday, November 6, 2013

bebek  plengkung

Good food good music good place for jam session.
The most important: they have nice cozy gorgeous furniture!
Jl. parangtritis KM 5 | Pelem SewuYogyakartaIndonesia

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Deli - Homemade Jam with Gula Jawa

Order :
Strawberry Jam   IDR 30.000,-
Manggo Jam    IDR 25.000,-     season only

SMS/whatsapp : 08122696970 Jogjakarta Only

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thanks to John Boyne for inspiring content.

'i remember when i was a child', said Father, there were certain thing that i didn't want to do, but when my father said that it would be better for everyone if I did them, I just put my best foot forward and got on with them.'

'What kind of thing?' asked Bruno.
'Oh, I don't know,' said Father, shrugging his shoulders. 'It's neither here nor there anyway. I was just a child and didn't know what was for the best. Sometimes, for example, I didn't want to stay at home and finish my schoolwork; I wanted to be out on the streets, playing with my friends just like you do, and I look back now and see how foolish I was.

So you know how I feel,' said Bruno hopefully.

Yes, but I also knew that my father, your grandfather, knew what was best for me and that I was alwys happiest when I just accepted that. Do you think that I would have made such a success of my life if I hadn't learned when to argue and when to keep my mouth shut and follow orders? Well, Bruno? Do you?'

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Postman's Palace

I was reading this book to my son before night sleep, this picture book retells a true story. A single man spends 33 years building Palace by hand. What a nice book!
Then i google it up and I found this : Twisted Sifter, a gorgeous blog with a lot of nice picture.

Homemade Jam with Gula Jawa Pineapple + Carica

gula jawa/palm sugar, air/water, pineapple/nanas, Carica/carica

pengetahuan bagus/good to know: gula jawa/palm sugar
Gula jawa ini merupakan pemanis alami yang lezat dan sehat karena rendah glikemik dan mengandung nutrisi tinggi. Energi yang dihasilkan dirilis secara perlahan sehingga menghasilkan stamina tubuh lebih lama dibanding gula tebu. 
Palm sugar is healthy natural sweetener because of low glycemic and contains high nutritions. The resulting energy is slowly released, thus offer longer stamina compare to sugar cane.

Pesan: 0812 2696970/0274 7472403
selling point: every friday 14.00 – 14.30 at (JCS) Jogjakarta Community School

also available:
Strawberry Jam with Gula Jawa          IDR 30.000/250 gr
Guava + Lime Jam with Gula Jawa        IDR 20.000/250 gr
Pineapple + Carica with Gula Jawa      IDR 20.000/250 gr
Manggo Jam with Gula Jawa -->season only IDR 25.000/250 gr

Delivery and selling point (Jogjakarta only):
  • Friday, 14.00 - 14.30 at Jogjakarta Community School. Jl.Kaliurang KM 10,9 Yogyakarta
  • Monday - Thursday, 15.00 - 17.00 at De Taaltuin 

Greek Salad

the recipe

Black Olive


Olive oil
drip of honey


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